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It is often believed to be true that everyone is searching for freedom. Add the pressure of a tough political and economic period—will the people band together or drift apart?

SONIA SUVAGAU as Dora Petrescu

Dora is a Romanian comedienne whose hopes of speaking her mind in a freed country vanish when former communist leaders still in positions of power threaten her life. She is smart, vulnerable, angry and uses her rage at the oppressed situation of her countrymen to fuel her comedy.

However, she discovers that her freedom is an elaborately constructed lie. She begins to learn her own strength, breaking from her ‘damsel in distress’ role.

PAM KEARNS as Gabriela Funar

Gabrila is a middle-aged single mother, and a former corrupt administrative Romanian official.

After her son is killed during the Romanian Revolution, Gabriela feels cheated by life at every turn and decides to steal the government’s money and flee in a cargo ship container bound for Canada.

Gabriela’s secret guilt of her past crime puts her at odds with the people she shares the container with: Dora and Alex.


Alex is a hot-headed young man who grows violent when challenged.

In Belgium  he hides in a cargo-ship container. He tries to dominate the women in the container with his irrational demands, surveillance, isolation and physical harm as he experienced growing up with violence and abuse at home.

Alex is a man in crisis with himself.

KRISTOF GILLESE as Nicolae Lupei

Nicolae is an elegant  and strict communist official with a severe look and a disarming, seductive smile. He is intense and calculating.

A sociopath who likes to play mind games  and program emotions  Nicolae pushes Dora into becoming a high-class escort.

He later puts a price on her head since she knows too much about his agenda.


Alin is Dora’s ex-boyfriend. He introduces her to his boss hoping that his protection will help her career as a comedienne.

Felling cheated by Dora’s actions he starts to believe that Dora is not fit to be the mother of their child.

SASHA PILTSIN as Dimitri Smirnov

Dimitri is a bully who works at a construction site as a foreman. He puts himself above everyone else and takes pleasure in taunting others. He has a vulgar sense of humor. He uses his position to dominate over other employees. Everyone on the site feels intimidated by him.

JEFF COOPER as Lars Szabo

Lars is a working class man. He works at a construction site in Paris and sends money to his family in Hungary. He’s got a good heart and stands up for Dora when she is bullied and called gypsy by Dimitri at work, on the construction site. He connects Dora with a Belgium dockworker to flee the continent inside a shipping container.

AZRIEL DALMAN as Cosmin Negrescu

Cosmin is Dora’s abandoned son. He is shy, withdrawn little boy who shows signs of being autistic and dyslexic. Through the film Cosmin is connected in a mysterious way, with Dora’s journey for freedom and self-discovery.

ANASTASIA BANDEY as Canadian Customs
AMY FOX as Police Woman
STEVE THACKRAY as Belgium Dockworker
MICHAEL JOVANOVSKI as Canadian Dockworker